Computer networking tutorial:Parts of computer home networks and wireless lan

Parts of Computer Networks 1 is the 7th video tutorial in full computer networking basics lectures . This course is the introduction to fundamentals of computer networks for beginners, nerds, dummies and administrators. 7th architect of computer networking introduces to the concepts of architecture of computer networks for easy operations. It introduces to the fundamentals […]

laptop maintenance and repair(tool)

This is our introductory class on computer maintenance and repair,this lesson is all about teaching You the tools used in computer maintenance and repair, and showing You how to use them. Benefits of this lesson : You will learn what computer maintenance and repair is all about. You will also findout what kind of tools  […]

How to fix a bad pc processor

The Central Processing Unit (CPU), also known simply as the processor, is considered the heart of a computer system. Despite what the title of this post says, a CPU very seldom fails and if it does, there’s nothing much that an average user can do about it, in a sense anyway. 

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