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The first thing I am going to do is outline a general plan for this experiment. In this experiment, I am going to be measuring the effect of two variables on the time of one oscillation of a simple pendulum.

The two variables that I have chosen are the length of the pendulum’s
string and the mass of the pendulum’s bob. I will vary these two items and record results for the time of one oscillation of a pendulum with different mass/length of string.
I must also be able to determine the value for acceleration due to gravity (hereby referred to as g)
To do this, I must be able to find some equation that links length of a string of a pendulum or the mass of a pendulum’s bob with time. For this I will need to carry out research.
The aim of this experiment is to determine the effects of two factors on the time of one oscillation (or swing) of the simple pendulum, and also to determine a value for g (acceleration due to gravity)

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