How to use elementor text editor

How to use elementor text editor is one of the most useful plugin any web designer must have because elementor has so many great features but what we going to lecture you about is how to use it text editor to write a post or design anything on your website.just download and watch this […]

How to use Pagebuilder to Create WordPress Pages and Posts

In this tutorial we are going to teach you how to create post and beautiful pages with help of a plugin called page builder,you use it to customize your home page, service page,about page and many more. are you an upcoming entrepreneur, a business owner or you have any product you to advertise.alvanteachings is here […]

Five ways to treat bumps

Many men who shave regularly know the frustrations that come with getting razor bumps – hairs that remain inside the hair follicle and begin growing into the skin. These ingrown hairs often appear as angry red bumps which can spoil the smart look of a freshly shaven face. Razor bumps (also called razor burn) are caused […]

How to make nail polish

If you want to create a custom nail polish color, you can easily do so using eye shadow and clear polish or by mixing 2 nail polish colors together. You can even buy a “make your own nail polish kit” that comes with everything you’ll need to create a custom color. This is a great […]

How to get rid of stretch marks

In this lesson today we are going to talk about how to get rid of stretch Mark, What exactly is a stretch mark? A stretch mark is a type of scar that develops when our skin stretches or shrinks quickly. The abrupt change causes the collagen and elastin, which support our skin, to rupture. As […]

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