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Laptop maintenance and Repair – Power Jack Fix (part2)

Laptop-maintenance-and-Repair-Power-Jack (37 downloads)

One of the more common problems we see with laptops that come into our shop revolves around the laptop power jack.

It’s where your AC/DC power pack plugs into and powers your laptop.

Because of the way they are designed, they get bumped, bashed and bent.

They take a lot of abuse.

Seriously, a lot of abuse.

In many cases we see, the internal structure of the connector gets cracked which causes problems with operating your laptop.

In some cases you may think that there is a problem with a battery as it won’t charge. Many times troubleshooting will indicate the problem is with this adapter rather than the battery.

Symptoms of a broken laptop power jack include:

  1. You have to keep the power cord in a certain direction for the power supply to work.
  2. You notice the power icon indicates you are not connected to AC and the laptop only runs on battery power.
  3. The laptop battery doesn’t charge.
  4. The laptop switches from AC power to battery power intermittently.
  5. Sparks actually shoot from the back of your laptop.
  6. The laptop shuts off randomly.

Download and watch this awesome tutorial and learn how to fix your laptops yourself.

Laptop-maintenance-and-Repair-Power-Jack (37 downloads)

Download the part 1 of this tutorial 


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