Complete beginner guide for joomla pdf

Joomla is a great Content Management System with a lot of flexibility and with an
easy-to-use user interface that a lot of people get intimidated about when they
realize how many options and configurations are available. This manual is meant to
serve as a guide to Joomla’s basic features and help you install and start your first
Joomla website.
. We have all been beginner
users at some point, so I
hope this guide helps
answer some of the questions you might have.
What is a CMS (Content Management System)?
A Content Management System is a series of programming pages connected to a
database that allows one to retrieve information from that database in the form of
content. Sounds complicated? You’ve used one more often that you think.
Have you ever updated your Facebook page or created a blog? Have you ever
bought a book from or bid on something on eBay? Have you ever
read The New York Times Online or checked something out on Wikipedia? All of
these sites work with a type of Content Management System.
The ones we will be focusing on are ones that allow you to manage your own
website from a simple interface, to creating your own pages and menus without the
need for knowing how to program yourself.
About Joomla
Joomla is a platform based on PHP and MySQL which was created in 2005 by a
team of open source developers. It currently has 200,000 community users and
contributors. Joomla is free to anyone who wants to download it and use it to create
a website. It is also open to anyone who wants to create extensions and templates.
The most current version of Joomla can be downloaded from

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