How to wallpaper a floor by dollar tree


How to Wallpaper a Floor

Buy extra wallpaper to account for aligning patterns along the seams.

As unusual as it sounds, wallpaper isn’t just for walls; you can also apply it to wood, vinyl and linoleum floors. Wallpaper is not the best idea for high-traffic floors, but it can add an interesting touch to a bedroom, home office or powder room. Kitchens and primary bathrooms are too humid. Before installing the wallpaper, you’ll need to prepare the floor. Fill imperfections with wood filler, or use two-part automotive repair compound for a vinyl or linoleum floor. Sand the floor until it’s smooth, and remove all traces of sanding dust with a vacuum and a damp sponge.

Download and watch this video to learn more How to wallpaper floor (14 downloads)



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