How to repair your 950watt tiger generator (i pass my neighbour)


It is infact needless to say that this “young man “(small generator), since its introduction to Nigeria years back has been the most used and will continue to be the most popular generator in this country. For reasons  being that;

  • It conserves the expensive fuel.
  • It is relatively  easy to fix.
  • Its spare parts are cheap

But is it really that dependable?

When you dont have much money, trying to manage the little finance you have and unexpectedly your “i better pass my neighbor ” gets faulty, what do you do.? Download and watch this video to findout what you can do when your I pass my neighbour generator gets faulty.

how-to-repair-950watt-tiger-generator (i pass my neighbour) pt1.mp4 (50 downloads)


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