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How to make leather bags


love the challenge of figuring out how somethings made. To me, it feels like a big puzzle waiting to be solved, and when you do, the accomplishment and pride in your work is one of the best feelings.

From a young age I’ve always been surrounded by makers. On my mother’s side, my Nana was an artist and my Pop was an engineer. On my father’s side, my Grandfather was a leather goods maker. He used to design and make bags for Western Australian miners back in the 1960’s. This trade was passed down to my father, who is now passing it down to me. Which I’m immensely proud of. When I’m back in my hometown for a few weeks of the year, I dedicate a good amount of time to making a new bag.

For me, getting on the tools and crafting a physical object is a great outlet. Its nice to get away from the screens and technology that I’m surrounded with everyday as a UX Designer. To make a bag I follow the same process that can apply to any medium of design. These are the stages I work through.

Making leather bags can be more simple than you think,its very easy if you follow our video step by step.

Download and watch this video: How to make leather bags (20 downloads)

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