How to make Hair Cream

Home-Made-Hair-Cream (37 downloads)

I actually revisited an old recipe I started making a few years ago when my hair was really long. I would use it to smooth my hair and add a little shine when I wanted to straighten it. And now with a short, curled style, it has been perfect for adding moisture after heat styling.

I have used my homemade hair cream for the following hair issues*:

  • to add shine to dull hair
  • tame fly-aways, especially in dry winter weather
  • smooth out curls, eliminating frizz
  • smooth straight styles
  • to replace moisture lost from heat styling

The ingredients I chose for this styling product all have nourishing and/or moisturizing properties that your hair will love to drink up. I selected a few of my favorite essential oils that are good for hair and scalp, but you can choose any you like. (p.s. I loooooove the scent of this hair styling cream so much that I sometimes open the jar for a whiff even when I’m not using it on my hair.)

This DIY styling product is so natural and creamy that I’ve even used it as hand cream when I made too much!

*Just keep in mind that everyone’s hair is different, so this hair styling cream may not give exactly the same results for each individual.

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