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How to make curry powder (mp4)

CURRY POWDER(mp4) (13 downloads)

In this tutorial we are going to teach you how you can make your own curry powder at home, but we’re going to give some brief history about curry.

The word “curry” has three different meanings. It can refer to a spice or spice mixture called “curry powder,” the actual curry leaf, or it may refer to the dish “curry” that is cooked across many cultures and parts of the world. Curry (the dish) usually includes the curry spice mixture, or those spices used to make up the mixture.

Curry History

The word curry comes from the word “Kari'” in the Tamil language in India, so it is believed curry originated there. Interestingly, there is also evidence that English cooks were making curry as early as the late 1300s during the reign of Richard II. Certainly, Christopher Columbus inadvertently helped the spread and development of curry through trade with the East; he not only brought curry to other countries, but he also transported chilies from the West to India which were then incorporated into the dish.Before Columbus came to India, curry was not the intensely spicy dish we recognize today. The same is true of Thai curries, which were originally seasoned with black and white peppercorns instead of chilies. Nowadays, chilies are grown around the world and have become an essential part of the dish known as curry.


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