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Gele tutorial:how to tie v-shape gele mp4

Gele is an essential part of a traditional outfit and learning how to tie is important. This is because there are some outfits that look incomplete incomplete without gele. Learning this skill goes a long way in saving you some costs. Tying gele now can be for as low as N1000, depending on the make-up […]

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Learn powerpoint in 30mins(mp4)

PowerPoint is the powerful and ubiquitous presentation program from Microsoft. It gives you the facility to create stunning presentations that incorporate video and PowerPoint animations. The image editing capabilities that PowerPoint offer get better and better with every new version. Starting to learn Microsoft PowerPoint can seem like a daunting task if you are not […]

all lectures Microsoft office Video

Learn simple and professiona

CorelDRAW has numerous tools you can use to create an effective and professional logo to suit your unique business needs. Enhance your brand recognition by creating an attractive logo design! Get a free domain name and 2GB Space + 8GB Bandwidth + Free SSL Cert for N3,500 Only! Thanks for watching! We hope you […]

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How to make beadslippers (tutorial video)

Beaded slippers or sandals add a touch of bohemian chic to any outfit, whether you’re dressing up or dressing down. Beading elevates a boring pair of run-of-the-mill sandals and transforms them into a gorgeous and unique fashion statement. While you can buy beaded sandals, why not try making your own? It’s easy, fun to do, […]

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Bead tutorial with london jewellery school(pt3&4)

Bead making is a skill that can be learned without any difficulty. It does not involve too much stress. It is also easy to learn and less time consuming. The materials that are required in making beads are very cheap and very easy to get. 

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How to create website with wordpress by tyler(mp4)

Learn how to build awesome wordpress site with tyler. This is video contains all the information you need in creating a beautiful WordPress site. Download and enjoy. Get a free domain name and 2GB Space + 8GB Bandwidth + Free SSL Cert for N3,500 Only!

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10 things very powerpoint beginner wants to know(mp4)

10 things every PowerPoint beginners wants to know or learn,watch this video to see those 10things you wants to know as a PowerPoint beginner. Get a free domain name and 2GB Space + 8GB Bandwidth + Free SSL Cert for N3,500 Only!