The first thing I am going to do is outline a general plan for this experiment. In this experiment, I am going to be measuring the effect of two variables on the time of one oscillation of a simple pendulum. The two variables that I have chosen are the length of the pendulum’s string and the mass of […]

Simple DC power delay circuit

Description. The circuit diagram shown here is of a simple DC power delay circuit that is based on an SCR. This circuit is a very handy one and can be employed in many applications. The working of this circuit is very simple. When the input power is applied the capacitor C2 charges through resistor R2 […]

LED Scrolling Display Board Circuit Using AVR Microcontroller

LED Scrolling Display Board This article explains the steps involved in designing a scrolling message LED Display. The following features of the display are explained in the article. Framing Alpha-Numeric characters and special characters Multiplexing the matrices Serial mode of data distribution using shift registers Static text display Scrolling text display Mode selection between static […]

High school Physics(Projectile-Motion)

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