how to build website like youtube using wordpress

YouTube, the word is well known to everyone who watches videos online.

It is the most popular video website in the world. If you ever think of uploading videos online then YouTube will be your first destination.

There are various advantages of creating your own video website instead of uploading them on YouTube.

If you have a video oriented business or have too many videos then I recommend you to setup your own video website.

In this tutorial, I will guide you to easily create your own fully functional YouTube like video website using WordPress.

VideoCraft theme

For this, you need VideoCraft theme.

VideoCraft is a premium WordPress theme that has been developed to make simple for users to setup their video site easily. Check live demo of this theme here.

To download and learn more about VideoCraft Theme click here.

Install this theme from your WordPress dashboard and activate it to see it in action.

After activating theme, your WordPress website will turn into a functional video website. All you have to do is upload the content and videos; you can also link videos from other top video streaming site such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc.

As you activate VideoCraft theme, it will ask you to upload sample data so that you can check if it’s functioning properly or not? Click on “Yes Insert Sample Data” and your website will be populated with dummy data.

yes insert sample data

After you check the above option, it will ask you to delete all dummy data by clicking on “Yes Delete Please!”

delete sample data option

VideoCraft theme not only allows you (admin) to upload videos but it also allows registered users to upload videos.

It’s a user-oriented site so after setting up your video website with VideoCraft theme you will constantly get videos from users of your website.

Here is an option in theme panel of VideoCraft theme that whether you directly want to publish videos from users as soon as they upload or in pending mode.

video listing setting

Theme also offers you space for advertising banner to make some bucks for you. If you are able to get high traffic then you can earn huge money from advertising.

advertising banner setting

VideoCraft theme adds an option of “Video” in left panel of your WordPress Dashboard. You can create new video categories, add new videos, new video tags. You can easily create and add new categories and tags directly from your dashboard.

video option

You can directly upload new videos or embed videos from other top video websites by clicking on “Add New” option under “Video”.

upload your own video

There are more settings to browse through; VideoCraft theme offers you minimal requirements to start your own video streaming site. It’s easy and requires no technical knowledge to run your own video website.

download this video for more clarification.

download (62 downloads)



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