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Best free WordPress newsletter plugin

Building an email list is one of the most important things you can do for your online business. Why? Because if gives you direct access to an audience that’s genuinely interested in your business: an audience that, by signing up for your newsletter, has already shown their willingness to continue to listen to what you have to offer!

How to build this valuable list? Well, it all starts by collecting (with permission!) the email addresses of folk that visit your website — which, unfortunately, is a tricky business. Why? Well, because we now live in a world where it’s now harder than ever to catch someone’s attention!

As marketers (read: business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders) we need to try and grab — and continue to maintain — as much of the attention of our visitors as we can, however, and here’s the hard bit: not only must we attract their attention, we’ve also got to persuade them that whatever we have to say/offer is genuinely worth listening to/receiving.

Active and Passive Lead Generation

Traditionally, marketers place the subscription box in the website’s sidebar, footer or sometimes even within an article itself (usually somewhere in the middle). Such methods mostly passive ways of collecting emails. That is to say, they don’t prevent the visitor from continuing whatever it is they’re current doing on the site, such as reading an article or simply browsing through your site.

However, when newsletter pop-ups arrived (the kind you occasionally see ‘pop up’ in the middle of the screen) — the game changed. Popups are active ways of collecting emails, wherein people had to literally stop what they were doing and either (a) subscribe, or (b) close the pop-up.

Many marketers took this new-found power for granted, and bombarded their visitors with popups as soon as they arrived on the site — often before they’d even gotten to know what the website was even all about!

Which naturally created a LOT of frustration.

The first rule for a new (or any) website should really be to not ask for email address straight upfront.

Instead, you need to first show value, i.e. give something to the user (such as great content!), and then ask for something in return, which in this case, is, of course, their email address.

The term “showing value” can be anything and depends on your website’s domain. It may be a great article, free reports with great visualizations, e-books, guides, resources Photoshop files, icons, images, audio samples, video effects — the list is practically endless.

Once a visitor has benefited from your content — he/she will then be naturally more inclined to share his or her email address with you and/or your business.

But how to collect said emails? Below, we’ve put together a list of the top fifteen WordPress plugins for doing exactly that: i.e. a list of the best newsletter plugins for WordPress.

Listed in no particular order:

OptinMonster ($9+/month)

OptinMonster WordPress Plugin

No newsletter plugin list is complete without mentioning OptinMonster. Founded in 2013, this plugin has become one of the best-selling newsletter plugins of all times: now used by well over 300,000 websites.

OptinMonster comes with a variety of customization features such as Exit Intent technology, multiple form types, A/B split testing and more.

screenshot depicting how to create new optin in OptinMonster

It makes designing highly converting forms a breeze — starting with the full-featured form designer to amazing animation effects from MonsterEffects. And is, in fact, a plugin we’ve already gone to some lengths to review in a previous article:OptinMonster Reviewed.

Official Website

ChimpMate Pro — WordPress MailChimp Assistant ($19)

header image of chimpmate pro premium WordPress plugin

Since MailChimp is mine (and many others) go-to newsletter service — free or paid, I dig deep into any plugin that extends MailChimp’s features in WordPress. Remember how we discussed active and passive newsletter plugins? Well,ChimpMate Pro falls under the active category, with multiple trigger actions.

Let’s take a quick look:

  • With the inactivity trigger, the popup is shown when the user is inactive on the page.
  • In the time delay trigger, the popup is displayed after a certain time has passed, regardless of the activity of the user.
  • The next one is the exit-intent trigger, which displays ta pop-up right when the user is about to close the tab.
  • The page scrolling trigger displays the popup after the user scrolls the page.

screenshot showing popup trigger behavior settings in chimpmate pro WordPress plugin

The plugin also features material design, supports content locking (i.e. content is displayed only after subscribing to the newsletter), A/B testing, mobile-first lead capture lightbox, one-click backup and restore (a great option if you run multiple sites) and powerful analytics.

screenshot of lightbox on mobile preview for Chimpmate pro WordPress plugin for mailchimp

All of this for $19 — that’s a steal!

Official Website

Icegram (Free)

header image of the Icegram WordPress plugin

The developers of Icegram describe their product with the tagline “grow your subscriber list, engage and convert visitors, decrease bounce rate”.

To be honest, I wouldn’t categorize it as a completely free plugin though, since the free version doesn’t offer triggers like time delay and common lead generators, such as header action bars, toast notifications (like the ones you get on an Android phone) and slide-in messages.

screenshot depicting the various popups in icegram

There are, however, a ton of capabilities that are offered as addons starting from $19. Check out this page for a complete list of addons. Moreover, you have the freedom to only purchase the add-on you want — which could help you reduce costs significantly.

Official Website

Chimpy — MailChimp WordPress Plugin ($22)

header image of Chimpy WordPress plugin for mailchimp

The Chimpy plugin is yet another great “pro MailChimp” plugin for WordPress. It packs some great features including customizable content locker, signup forms and opt-in checkboxes — a feature which places a checkbox in the WordPress comment and registration form.

screenshot of the settings screen of the Chimpy WordPress plugin

MailGet – WordPress Email Marketing Plugin –

MailGet is a great email marketing WordPress plugin which is immensely popular amongst email marketers.

The plugin provides top quality services and has the highest email delivery rate. It is one of the best email marketing plugins available in the market today.

MailGet Best Free WordPress Newsletter Plugin Email Marketing

Let’s take a look at a few of the great features of this plugin –

This superb plugin will surely help you improve your email marketing significantly and enable you to promote your brand effectively!!

Go with MailGet Email Marketing tool -> Send millions Of emails -> & Start promoting your business all over the world.

Download & Install This Plugin Here

 Best Newsletter WordPress Plugin

One of the best plugin in the list is Newsletter plugin using which one can send mass emails to their subscribers very easily. It provides lots of useful features that requires in email marketing of any product or service.

Newsletter WordPress Plugin

Some outstanding functionalities of this plugin –

  • Create professional newsletters quickly.
  • Import all your contacts by simply pasting or upload the a CSV file in one click.
  • Study your sent emails whether they opened or not. If opened how many clicks are thee and a lot.
  • Simply embed the subscription form on your site & start collecting leads.

Download & Install This Plugin Here

DirectIQ – Email Marketing WordPress Plugin –

Great email marketing can be accomplished effectively by creating a Direct IQ account.

Along with it if you can install this excellent Direct IQ email marketing plugin then you can be rest assured that your email marketing will be the most efficient one.DirectIQ Best Free WordPress Newsletter Plugin Email Marketing

Here are a few of the great features of this plugin – 

  • Connecting to your direct IQ account is very simple with just a single click.
  • The subscription forms are very easy to use. They are mobile optimized as well.
  • The Direct IQ widget enables you to display the subscription forms in the sidebar or footer.
  • Use the form shortcode feature to display the sign up forms in your pages or posts.
  • Using the subscription methods of this plugin, subscribers can be easily added to your Direct IQ list.

The Direct IQ Email Marketing plugin will most certainly enable you to create superlative email marketing campaigns for your brand.

Download & Install This Plugin Here

 SendPress – A Newsletter Plugin For WordPress –

If you are looking for a good newsletter plugin to give a boost to your email marketing, then this will be the perfect plugin to go for.

This plugin has great features with which you can design the templates and edit the contents of your newsletter the way you like.

SendPress Best Free WordPress Newsletter Plugin Email Marketing

Features of SendPress WordPress Plugin are – 

  • Get unlimited subscribers using this plugin.
  • Send an unlimited number of newsletters which are fully responsive. The tracking facilityis also there.
  • The page, custom form, and subscription widget are completely customizable.
  • The single and double opt in feature is also available.
  • The newsletter templates are customizable & theme style is very easy to use.
  • The plugin tracks the clicks, emails and unsubscribes for each mail.
  • Use your web host or Gmail to send newsletters for free.
  • Compatible with Email log or Postman SMTP mailer.

This is an excellent newsletter plugin which can be used very conveniently for sending newsletters to your subscribers.

Download & Install This Plugin Here

MailFlow Email Marketing Plugin –

Email automation has become seamless and easy with this superb plugin. You can build the sequence of your email in a flow chart pattern and visualize them at the same time.

This plugin will be directly integrated with your WordPress website allowing you to use your desired forms and plugins. New members of your website will be added automatically to the email sequences.

MailFlow Best Free WordPress Newsletter Plugin Email Marketing

Features of MailFlow WordPress Plugin – 

  • Tag any contact or page during a campaign with the unique tagging mechanism. Emails can be automatically targeted by the tags.
  • You can schedule the time when the emails go out and also set time zones for email sequences.
  • Manage all the different campaigns meant for various websites in the same place using this plugin.
  • You can update analytics.
  • Clicks on all links can be tracked in an email and actions can be created depending upon the clicks.
  • The plugin comes with a secure API, which you can use to manage any element of your email marketing or building your custom integration.

The use of this great plugin will prove to be a boon to the overall email marketing strategy of your business.

Download & Install This Plugin Here

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