How to get free internet connection without paying a kobo

In this course today we going to show you and teach you how can get free internet connection to your phone or laptop free of charge without paying a single Kobo.You know in Nigeria the amount people pay for internet connection is highly alarming.with this way you will no longer spend money on data and […]

How to increase WordPress file size limit

  In today’s tutorial we going to talk about how to increase WordPress file limit.sometimes after hosting and creating a site we find out that the maximum file size is very small and it became a problem to us because we can upload the kind of file we want,it begins to trouble we are […]

How to Remove Facial Hair PERMANENTLY 100% NATURAL

In this tutorial we are going to take you through the process of removing your facial with natural remedies. Just download and watch this tutorial it works 100%. Please share this video after watching and drop your comment if you like our tutorial.  

How to make vanilla sponge cake

An exceptional, yet simple Vanilla Sponge Cake. Adapted from a master Cook’s Illustrated recipe, this is made with pantry staples, has a velvety, tender crumb and keeps well for 3 days. An essential addition to every recipe collection! I call this a plain-jane Vanilla Sponge Cake, but it’s really anything but that. Everyone should have a […]

How to make tigernut milk

Today I am going to teach you how to make tigernut milk. What is a Tigernut? Tigernut are not actually a nut. They are a tuber (root vegetable) and they are the #1 source of resistant starch. For more info on tigernuts and resistant starch, Resistant starch is something that you may be seeing more info […]

How to reset wordpress admin password using cpanel

In this tutorial today we going to be teaching You how you can reset your WordPress admin password using cpanel.just download and enjoy our tutorial video.   Are you looking for a professional web designer or you want guidelines on how to create or manage your blog or website,you can contact us on whatsapp with […]

Different types of website design

You may often hear designers and tech heads throwing around terms such as responsive, liquid or fixed design. ”What does it all mean and why is it going to cost my business more money?” you ask. With the increasing complexity of website development that enables simplistic viewing for users, responsive design might be the optimal […]

Reasons why you must use WordPress for your site.

With the advent of WordPress almost 16 years back, in the contemporary era, it has now turned into the most favored CMS (Content Management System), across the world. Presently, it is getting utilized by 75 million sites, businesses, organization, etc. as it allows them to post a new piece of content in any span of time. WordPress […]

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